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Strategy, Action, RPG 2015 Balrum torrent game full

Year: 2015

Genre: Strategy, Action, RPG

Developer: Balcony Team

Size: 151 Mb

download Balrum

Free download Balrum torrent. A distinctive feature of the project Ballroom is that here, the gamers there are many different features such as the ability to build a variety of structures, the implementation of a lot of interesting jobs, the creation of different things, engage in fights because of stepping mode as well as a study step by step, the virtual world. Historical events in the game - after it has been completed quite a bloody battle with various evil spirits, those who managed to escape, hiding in the Dark Forest. They managed to survive all the inhabitants of two small villages, and all the rest, including the king and the army destroyed the army of the dead. All who were able to survive, find their salvation in the dark forests, because the dead can not enter this space. The game's plot affects the scale of what is happening, do not assume that your main task will be to fight against the army of the dead. Developments will be gradual, so first you will build houses for the hero of the game and his companion. To begin construction, you need a material, and you can get it, if you become a farmer.

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The specifics of the game Ballroom:
- Gameplay is done in real time and have the opportunity to lead the battle step by step;
- The game world is truly staggering, be sure to go over it and read. There are many caves in which is hidden a great danger for each logged;
- Try to only take informed decisions (in any case, apply to this effort), because it affects the course of events;
- We recommend to download the torrent Balrum on our site, because only here already is the last part of the game, do it for free and try to stay alive in the game world;
- Actively build buildings;
- Do not forget about the farming class, you need to plant, care for and reap;
- Find yourself in the virtual world devoted friend - you have to tame the beast that is the most pleasant;
- You can create a variety of items in various fields - it will be a drug in alchemy, delicious culinary, armor and weapons for the defense;
- In order to fulfill its primary mission, in the course of the game, try to perform all the tasks, and do not forget about the additional quests, where you will get the right reward;
- The game has a lot of events corresponding to reality - day and night, as well as the weather, which varies.

System requirements:
• Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / Seven
• Processor: 1.6 GHz
• RAM: 512 MB
• DirectX: 9.0c or higher
• hard drive space: 200 MB

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