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Download Age Of Mythology - Gold Edition (Classic)

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Memory: 128 MB
Processor: Pentium III 750 MHz
Storage: 1.5 GB
Graphics: 32 MB
OS: XP / Vista / 7
Year: 2002
Developer: Ensemble Studios
Version: Full Last Release

Age of Mythology - Gold Edition (Classic) - an extended publication of real-time strategy, including the Titans Supplement, allowing you to take control of an additional race and powerful titanium. The era of mythology acts as Spin-Off Age of Empires. It is necessary to build cities, produce resources, train the army and fight against enemy troops.

During development, it is necessary to hold their people through several epochs: archaic, classical, heroic and mythical. To go to a new stage of development, you will need to accumulate enough funds. The next era opens up new technologies and allows you to choose a deity for worship. Three factions are fighting among themselves: Greeks, Egyptians and Scandinavians. Each nation has three God, among which Zeus, Poseidon, RA, Set, Tor, one and T.D. Also represented by 9 secondary deities.

The main patron needed to choose before the party. Minor opening as it development. In Age of Mythology - Gold Edition will need to produce 4 types of resources: food, wood, gold and blessing. To do this, you will need to use workers. Blessing every fraction is mined individually: the Greeks worship the gods in the temples, the Egyptians - monuments, and the scandinavas need to fight all the time.

Units are divided into infantry, cavalry and archers. In total, 7 categories are presented: ground troops, siege tools, fleet, heroes and mythical creatures. Each warrior has its own unique features. Special relics are available on the maps, giving special bonuses if you deliver artifacts to the temple. Build urban centers, miracle of light, farm, towers and other buildings.

The game presents one central campaign - the fall of the trident. It is divided into three scenariOS: ancient Greek, ancient Egyptian and Scandinavian. Total to pass 32 missions. The plot is based on the myths of the countries described above. Events will get acquainted with Poseidon, Admiral Arkant, Odyssem, Ajax and many other legendary characters.

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