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Memory: 32 MB
Processor: Pentium 60 MHz

Graphics: 2 Mb
OS: Windows 95/98 / ME / 2000 / XP / 7/10
Year: 2000
Developer: Ensemble Studios
Version: Full Last Release

Epoch of Empires (Anthology) - Collection of AOE games, published until 2000 (inclusive). Presented 3 main projects with two additions, promined scenarios, units, modified balance and buildings. The user takes control over its own civilization, produces resources, construction, seizure of territories, wars or improvement in the economy.

In the original Age of Empires II and Supplement The Conquerors (conquerors), it is possible to take control over Koreans, Maya, Huns, Aztecs or Spaniards, as well as test 11 innovative units or explore 7 technologies. 4 Scenic campaigns cover historical battles for Yamadzaki, Norjinzhin, Mancikert and Poitiers. In other chapters, you will need to take control over Montiesum II, El Sith, Attila or Eric Ginger. The big focus in the gameplay is paid to the fights between the nations, the opening of units and the capture of territories.

In the first part of the Age of Empires, DLC The Rise Of Rome (Rome Flower) is presented, where the user is able to control Palmyarmers, Macedonians, Cartheginians or Romans. Scene campaigns talk about the rime, about the new Caesar, peace times and major enemies. The user will be in the Punic war with Mithridate, as a ruler of the Empire or takes into time when Rome fell from the invasion of the barbarians. 4 The studied technologies and 5 new units diverse gameplay and provide new tactics.

The last part in the anthology - Final Conquest with 100+ scenarios and custom cards. Big focus is performed on the variety of locations and passing tactics. New gaming mechanics appeared like the construction of double walls, stakes, land and upgrade of individual units. The main materials are gold, wood, food and food. Gamer is able to customize free matches before their passage and choose the level of upgraded artificial intelligence.

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