Download Storm in a glass: Racing on minibuses PC Game 2009

Download storm in a glass: Racing on minibuses

Size to download: 1.95 GB. Version: Full Last Release

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Memory: 512 MB
Processor: Pentium4 2 GHz or AMD Athlon (recommended Pentium or Athlon 3 GHZ)

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 6800, ATI RADEON X800
OS: XP, Vista, SE7EN
Year: 2009
Developer: Skyriver Studios
Version: Full Last Release

"Storm in a glass: Racing on minibuses" - Racing arcade game based on the parody of the same name for the authorship of Dmitry "Goblin" Puchkov. Gameplay lies in ring races using various weapons. The player needs to come to the finish line first or in the top three leaders. The plot tells about how the persons of an unknown nationality set up the production of illegal alcohol on many planets. To deal with the case is instructed by the operative of Krishin, who will help the rapper Nikolay Beldieev, the girl Juju and the young Eikey Skin.

During the race, bonuses are charged for different performances: destruction "Minibuses" rival, collect extra glasses on the highway, passing the sound barrier and t.D. After the transport of the player or opponent is destroyed, he is restored after a few moments, but in connection with this, the driver loses a lot of time. Transport itself B "Storm in a glass: Racing on minibuses" Hanging low above the ground and assembled from the cart and engines that are connected by an electrical chain. It creates many curious moments when colliding and often leads to explosions. The game presents 15 different routes for which you can drive on flying guitars, cacti with reactive turbines, high-speed deer and tunned "Zhiguli".

The main important parameter at races - engine overheating. It affects: High speed, collision, forescape, damage from enemy projectile and t.D. To reduce the temperature of the motor, you need to collect cooling bonuses on the track. Boezapas in the game limited. Replenishments also gather during the match. During aiming there is autoading. All that is required is to press the action button on time. Racing devices are equipped with a sensor that shows that the transport has become a target for a rival.

Storm in a glass: Racing on the SCREENSHOTS minibuses:

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