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Drift Streets Japan

2015 Drift Streets Japan Racing Simulation download free

Year: 2015

Genre: Racing, Simulation

Developer: JDM4iK

Size: 279 Mb

Download Drift Streets Japan

Download Drift Streets Japan torrent pc for free. Computer game Drift Streets Japan refers to the races, and will allow users to travel back to the vastness of Japan. You will not just ride around the city and even to drift. You have to use aggression as a way to overcome the other opponents just will not work. The tension in the race is high, and only the strongest will be able to cope with it. The game is not necessarily the first to reach the finish line, and this fact is a major advantage for many users. The task of the game - a cool show that suits you and your competitors.

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Project called Drift Streets Japan standard graphic design is difficult, but still it has some nice moments. For example, the gameplay will impress its versatility and variety. Graphic design reminiscent of typical beginning of the century.
The users will be in Hong Kong, on the streets, and to do drifting, cutting between the monuments, residents and city transport. The quality of the turns will depend on their total score. Remember that the condition of your vehicle - an important component of success, and you will need to monitor the serviceability of the car. To do this, you need to be in the garage, change parts, auto tune. You will see a change of color of the machine, and other features that make the gameplay more interesting and exciting.

Download Drift Streets Japan for a direct link is possible, using this page of our website. Remember that the race - it is, first of all, a competition and you need it to be a leader. Feel yourself as a drift king. Remember about changing the game process based on their wishes and possibilities. The game has a low level of complexity, there is no Russian language, but it does not prevent you spend your time and enjoy the gameplay. The need for localization is not there. Special attention in the project deserves to music.

System requirements:
• OC: Windows: 7, 8, 10
• Processor: Intel Celeron, Pentium 4
• Memory: 1 GB RAM
• Video card: Nvidia Geforce GT 640
• Disk space: 600 MB

On this page you can download the game Drift Streets Japan torrent free on a PC.