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Spin Tires 2016

2014 Spin Tires 2016 Simulation download free

Year: 2014

Genre: Simulation

Developer: Oovee Game Studios

Size: 520 Mb

Download Spin Tires 2016

Download game Spin Tires 2016 for free. You want to enjoy the simulator SUV? Then the game project Spin Tires in 2015 - this is what you enjoy. It was created by the studio Oovee Game in 2014, although the work on this project was started in 2009, and served as the beginning of the competition Havok Physics Innovation Contest. After the release of the demo simple fans appreciated the game, the creators decided using Kickstarter service, as well as with the help of the players, to raise money and they release a full version of the toy. What attracts the game, and why we recommend that you download the torrent Spin Tires 2015 from our site?

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There are several reasons why it is worth doing. Firstly, in the car park of the game features the most popular models of the domestic automobile industry, which are called SUV. Here you can find not only a huge "Hurricane", but also more modest cars, for example, UAZ. Though they are not impressed with its size, but their ability to help gamers go through more than one obstacle in the game.

Players will be able to visit a variety of picturesque corners of the city and the state. Of course, the way you are waiting for is not very pleasant, often dirty, but you at this car! Manage Brand KamAZ, MAZ, ZIL, and others, and hit the road.
The appearance of dirt road - not just an obstacle, or the usual attribute of our roads, but also is a key element of the gameplay. Depending on how you will behave in the car on the road, the dirt road will change. Deep ruts of the road can be a serious challenge, therefore, it is necessary to stock up on a winch in front of the road.

The realism of the game at a high level:
What we had to tell you, only partly describes the game project Spin Tires 2015. It is necessary to pay special attention to physical models of machines that performed just fine. By controlling each machine, the player will be able to note the realism of her behavior on the go. To make it easier to manage the SUV, the developers provided a range of transmissions, and you can choose automatic or mechanic. You can also turn off the all-wheel drive, or lock differentials. All this somehow affects the behavior of the vehicle, and in difficult situations, you can simplify your job by doing one of the aforementioned actions. It was also quite in detail thought out system damage in the game. Excellent displayed a decrease in volumes of fuel, so you have to monitor the health of your tank, and fill them periodically, using existing tank.

Availability of jobs and campaigns in the game:
Computer game Spin Tires is very exciting. You can not just drive through the forest and marsh localities of Russia, but also to take responsibility for the delivery of a variety of goods and commodities. Be prepared that you will take them regardless of the weather and time of day. Game Spin Tires 2015 you will not get bored, because the road to it is not repeated, and each time you will find a new path. And even if the route is laid on the same course several times, new challenges and conditions are always waiting for you. This is achieved thanks to the modern-generated engine Havok Physics, and which has unique capabilities.

Separate words deserves schedule. Many call it a simple, ordinary, although it is possible to tell only about the environment and the landscape. The reason is simple - the limited budget. If we talk about the vehicles, the developers have paid them enough attention, worked all models of quality, detail. The creators of Oovee Game provided even the presence of sunlight on bodies, and many more, including shadows. If you want to poganyat off-road, to feel their power and enjoy the domestic landscape, recommend Spin Tires 2015 torrent using free features of our game portal Torrent Igruha. For you we have prepared a Russian version. Choose KamAZ, or another car and go!

System requirements:
OS: Windows XP or Higher
Processor: 2.0 GHz or higher
Memory: 1GB of
Graphics: 512MB of
DirectX®: Version 9.0c

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