The Sims 1

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Year: 2000

Genre: Simulation

Developer: Maxsis

Size: 922 Mb

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Download The Sims 1 torrent pc for free. With the name of Uilla Rayta is associated emergence of a new genre in gaming, simulation of life. He is the creation of The Sims. This idea is supported by companies such as Maxis and Electronic Arts, and in 2000 was presented to the project release, which instantly gained popularity among players. Even critics spoke well about the game and what to speak of gamers. During this time the fans were presented part 4 projects, each of which has a lot of add-ons.

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Why should I download the sims 1 torrent?
The game has become popular for several reasons, and one of them - this is the idea. Gamers will control the heroes who live a normal life, perform the same operations as a real person. Characters earn and have fun, create a family, and engaged in raising children, caring for the vegetable garden, and more. The second reason - the high realism of the game. You will dive into the gameplay with the head!
To the players were more comfortable, the creators have provided different modes. There is a "Live Mode", where you take the sim management, decision-making, taking into account the wishes of the characters. There are also modes of "Buy" and "Construction", through which you can pause. They speak for themselves and provide for action construction or commercial nature. You can switch the camera, and watch their heroes from different angles, to include on-screen view of the different floors, and much more.

In The Sims game you will be able to live a full life!
First of all you need to create heroes. They may be of any age and gender, and ethnicity hairstyle, clothes, the name of the character. That is the nature of the interaction will depend on the degree of character with other characters. Your hero can be a bachelor or a family, but it will still need a house, the construction of which will go to you. Your Sims must work, because initially they had little money.
As the immersion in the game, you can give your characters different skills, make friends with their neighbors and have fun with them. Do not forget about the characters' needs. After all, before you - a real life. Heroes want to eat, bathe, walk in closet, rest, and so on. Recommended download torrent Sims 1 free from our gaming resource.

System requirements:
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
Processor: Pentium II 450 MHz
RAM: 128 MB
Video Card: 64 MB

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