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Russian fishing

Simulations free Russian fishing torrent

Year: 2014

Genre: Simulation

Developer: installsoft.ru

Size: 722.58 Mb

Download Russian fishing

Free Russian fishing game torrent. For all lovers of true professionals and anglers have a unique opportunity - without leaving home, for example, during the cold season, or alternatively, during your lunch break at work, fishing. Naturally, it is a virtual fishing, which is offered to evaluate the developers of the game Russian fishing. This game project is a qualitative real fishing simulator. The creators of computer games have relied on realism. Therefore, all - water reservoirs, tackle, the atmosphere and, in fact, the result of fishing - to have a pleasant stay in the gadget monitors.

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The creators of computer games offer gamers a Russian fishing evaluate and test their skills and knowledge of fishing in a virtual format. A large audience of players who in real life love fishing will appreciate all the advantages of the game. These include, in particular, can be safely attributed to the opportunity to fish virtually anywhere on the planet - the countries of the former CIS, distant continents, and so on. Pleasantly surprised by the amazing graphics and atmosphere of real fishing. By the way, in this game the player has a project or opportunity to enjoy outdoor recreation, fishing, or turn into a commercial activity. In the second case, a gamer can make a profit from the sale of their catch, participate in tournaments, to acquire modern gear and so on.

Installation instructions:
1. Download the file
2.Zapustit installer - installsoft.exe, the password to the installer - installsoft.ru or click on the pig !!! (Shortcuts Game Installer: Space - switch on / off the background music, Backspace - to return to the previous page)
3.Dozhdatsya installation.

System requirements:
Processor: Pentium IV 2 GHz
RAM: 256 MB
Video card with DirectX 9.0 hardware support
Screen resolution: at least 1024x768
Free hard disk space: 550 MB
Microsoft Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista or Windows 7

On this page you can download the game Russian fishing torrent free on a PC.