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Year: 2016

Genre: Simulation


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Free download City Car Driving torrent. Computer game City Car Driving Simulator is the motorists, and has a lot of innovative, interesting elements. Those who believe the draft standard and does not stand out, do not have much effect, we want to say the game is endowed with a variety of features. First and foremost it is worth noting the domestic production of the game, because of its creation worked igrodely . They have made the project a lot of brands of cars, domestic and foreign cars, but mostly you will meet the aircraft.

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In this game you - a simple car enthusiast. Before you is a wide range of cars, and you will be able to travel to several locations, presented in the form of individual cities. You will be able to get a driver's license to drive on highways at night. Remember that the observance of traffic rules - the main element, otherwise you will pursue DPS punished according to the rules. If you are already waiting for the moment to sit behind the virtual steering wheel and go on routes and cities, then you can download the City Car Driving torrent free now, and go to the amazing car adventure. In order to understand whether or not you want to play exactly in this project, be sure to read the detailed description.

- In order to make the game the most popular in various countries, the authors created it in several languages, with the possibility to change it via the interface. The main is still a , and that it will help you to plunge into the atmosphere and exciting project.
- The fact that the players will be able to use a large fleet of vehicles, we have already pointed out. In addition, users will be able to choose a machine with left-hand drive or right, or change its position in the course of the races on the cars of foreign manufacture.
- The updated version of the project will allow players to play in the car simulator, following the rules of the road. are invited to test their strength in races on the American rules for lovers of diversity and extreme. Do not forget to learn them before traveling.
- In addition to realistic tracks, the game is very well-established weather conditions, thanks to which users will be able to feel like in a real situation, on winter roads, in heavy rain. Managed in such machine conditions is difficult, and you will do your best to cope.
- Special attention in the computer game deserves the idea of ​​creating a non-standard situations on the road, often unpredictable. Among them may be suddenly appearing pedestrians on the road, the appearance of oncoming traffic, the presence of traffic congestion, and other things that might upset the driver. While driving you will be able to make decisions. Sometimes you need to use extreme skills.
- Do not think that a simple trip through the city streets let you get bored. You can be sure that this will not happen. To do this, developers should consider the availability of a special simulation of the compilation of routes, including that, you get an individual plan of the motion, a unique route. The passage of each stage can be rewarded. Fun and pleasant experience guaranteed.
- You will be able to ride on two large cities, enjoying the calm rides, admiring the original infrastructure, detailing all elements of the environment. Of course, everything can not be perfect. But the observance of routes thought possible.
- Users can choose from 11 cars. The presence of foreign cars and domestic cars will let you experience the features of each type and brand. You can ride in the slot, select the Lada, or prefer posh foreign car. Restrictions in this regard no, it all depends on your wishes.
- It may seem that the game project no purpose for the player. This is not true. You have to perform 24 tasks, they are divided into levels of different complexity and character. Thanks to them, your adventure will be bright and saturated. Players will be able to acquire the skills of correct driving, to react in unusual situations, to replenish or renew the knowledge of traffic rules.
- If we talk about such factors as the simulation, it displays in the project, basically, a box car transmissions. You can select automatic or mechanic, and this will affect your behavior on the road and driving skills. Remember that the car - a technique with its own characteristics and features. We should not lose sight of this point, as the road surface.
- Also highlighted in the game graphics settings, with a maximum display of all the subtleties and details on the screen.
- Sound high quality differs in the computer project. For the feasibility of the project, the authors used the recording of these motors. The game is attractive and atmospheric, has many similarities with the present real life, and that it will help users to enjoy the game.
- Graphics technology used in the game, perfectly reflect all actions and their consequences. So, you can watch high-quality display of damage, the basic properties of the car, and another.
- Download torrent City Car Driving with the help of our game resources will be able to all the fans of automotive simulators. Please note that for the greater interest in the game there is an opportunity to enjoy the Oculus Rift.

Features RePack:
Do not cut
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Game Version: 1.5.2

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows 7 (64-bit) and above
Processor: Pentium Dual Core @ 3,2 GHz / Athlon II X4 @ 3,1 GHz
Video Card: Geforce GT 740 / Radeon R7 240
DirectX 11
Disk space: 10 GB

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