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game Nosgoth Nosgoth torrent download

Year: 2016

Genre: Shooter, Action

Developer: Psyonix Studios

Size: 4.8 Gb

download Nosgoth

Free download Nosgoth torrent. Nosgoth download a torrent, you can easily on our website and immerse themselves in a dangerous civil war between humans and vampires, the events are a continuation of the epic saga titled «Legacy of Kain». Dark and brutal world of fantasy perfectly complements the unusual asymmetrical multiplayer. Company «Psyonix» acted as developer of this exciting computer game, making bright free network shooter, full of action game. The opposing sides are so different skills and interaction skills that every player will be able to fully enjoy the diversity of the game world.

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The original free network shooter Nosgoth involves each gamer in dark atmosphere nonstop war between humanity and dangerous vampire, wherein each of the two races has its own unique powers and abilities. The developers offer the player to select any of the parties, and will go into an exciting and terrifying journey, full of struggles and difficulties. It is worth noting that the human race has a powerful weapon and a special high-tech equipment, as is typical for vampires superhuman strength and the presence of unusual abilities. Certainly surprised rarely found an asymmetrical multiplayer and the existence of the command mode of the game.

Nosgoth different unprecedented rigidity, because a big part of the game characters will wage a fierce struggle against the enemies. To win, it will be necessary to make the best of their efforts, courage and endurance. Every gamer will be able to make the classic deathmatch and capture the many control points as well as in the game to discover new abilities and a variety of equipment.

Installation instructions:
1. Install the game in a convenient directory
2. To be registered on the site. After registering, create an account, if necessary, on Steam
3. For proper synchronization Steam recommended set to the root folder of the game (for example, C: Games \ Nosgoth)
4. Launch a shortcut on the desktop and start playing

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8;
Processor: CPU 2.8 GHz;
RAM: RAM 2 Gb;
Video card: VRAM: 1 Gb DirectX, Shader Model;
DirectX: 9.0c;
Hard disk space: 11 Gb

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