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Size to download: 889 MB. Version: v 1.3.363 [New Version]

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Memory: 3 GB
Processor: Intel Core i3
Storage: 2 GB
Graphics: Open GL 3.2
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bits)
Year: 2021
Developer: Worldwalker Games LLC
Version: v 1.3.363 [New Version]

Wildermyth - role-playing game with procedurally generated levels, where the player himself builds his story with the help of a moral selection system, carrying various consequences for the world. Wildermit's gameplay is that it is necessary to assemble a group of five heroes, consisting of farmers, tunes and peasants, making legendary knights and brave heroes from them.

Battles occur on interactive arons with a variety of fantasy creatures. The gameplay is inspired by desktop games and tied to the individual characteristics of each Chelen team. Characters are aging, transformed, fall in love and take severe solutions. Depending on the selected path, the actors will consist of each other in various respects: to be friends, show sympathy or enormous. Each hero has its own arch and biography.

Events develop in the Kingdom of PaperCraft The Yondering Lands, inhabited insect dragons and Lovekrafts. The appearance of heroes will be transformed as history. For example, trusted to God-Wolf, a number of unique abilities that give incredible forces and some Buffam, affecting the appearance of the character. Wildermyth encourages tactical solutions and use the environment for their own purposes.

In the game three unique classes: warrior, hunter and mystic. Each type of hero acts better at different distances: Warrior owns a melee weapon, the hunter is controlled by a long-range weapon, and mystic is an analogue of the local magician. He can enjoy in the subject and apply a huge mistake damage. The global card is divided into several areas that need to be protected from monsters. After the area is captured, it is necessary to strengthen its protection, building barricades or various traps. A feature of the gameplay acts mechanics "Death". She provides a choice between self-sacrifice, but murder monster or lose limb, but continue to fight. This feature is only available once per game.

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