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Size to download: 31 MB. Version: v 1.3.eight

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Memory: 2 GB
Processor: 2 GHz - Dual Core

Graphics: HD Graphics 4000
OS: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Year: 2019
Developer: Angry Kid
Version: v 1.3.eight

UNDERVAULT - two-dimensional roglik with Dungeon Crawler elements, which offers a very interesting mechanic to control procedural level generation. Location includes a kitchen, bedroom, treasury and one more extra room. Last free to turn into any desired type of room, which brings some structurality in random generation.

You have a global goal - get out of imprisonment. The gameplay is distinguished by an increased degree of complexity, so be prepared to die a huge number of times. The hero has the parameters of hunger and fatigue. The milk is represented in step-by-step style. Collect objects, pump the skills, follow the status of the hero and explore the artificial intelligence of the enemy.

Features UnderVault:

  • Skills tree, allowing to develop in three directions: battle, stealth, generation of premises;
  • mining resources, connect the premises or dig new data;
  • The game presents various merchants with their own characteristics;
  • Daily tests are available;
  • Pumping hero and raising level;
  • Many types of room compounds, including doors, stairs, holes and more;
  • Inventory is represented as a backpack having a limited space.

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