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Size to download: eight.96 GB. Version: v 1.0

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Memory: 512 MB
Processor: Intel Pentium III 933 MHz
Storage: 4 GB
Graphics: 32 MB
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
Year: 2003
Developer: Swgemu
Version: v 1.0

Star Wars Galaxies - Multiplayer RPG created in the Universe "star Wars". Before passing the player to get acquainted with classes for the character. Presented 7 professions that fully change the purpose of the ward, its equipment, special abilities and the role. As the hero has been promoted earns experience and increases the level, which allows pumping skills. You can combine the skills of several professions, mix them and try different bundles.

Combat classes specialized on the use of various weapons and opportunities to manage military transport. Production classes help pump skills in creating objects and ammunition. The user falls into the extensive galaxy with several planets. The whole territory is divided into square zones. SWG event unfolds between IV and V Episode.

User chooses what to do and where to follow. Gameplay offers dozens of activity and hundreds of missions. Tasks can be obtained constantly, producing resources and receiving reward. You can become a mercenary, killing goals and getting bonuses. Or participate in large-scale shutters on laser weapons. Players are able to control riding animals, apply combat mechanisms, shoot from static turverses, fly on military starships and arrange battles in space. A construction system is available, giving the ability to install its own buildings and houses of arbitrary types.

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