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Size to download: 45.2 GB. Version: v 3.3.6-LIVE.998172 (Alpha) | Early Access [New Version]

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Memory: 8 GB
Processor: 4-core
Storage: 45 GB
Graphics: 2 GB
OS: 7, 8, 10
Year: 2018
Developer: Cloud Imperium Games Corporation
Version: v 3.3.6-LIVE.998172 (Alpha) | Early Access [New Version]

Star Citizen - Space Simulator, whose action takes place in the 30th century. The player falls into the combined earth empire, located near the Milky Way. Humanity has managed to investigate part of the native galaxy and colonize some planets. People met several civilizations. Some aliens became allies, and others - enemies.

The central place in the game occupies flights. First, the ship is ordered on the basis, and then appears on the take-off strip. Manage personal transport is not as easy, and you need to remember some nuances: sticking the steps, adjust the power of the engine with the mouse, and other details.

After entering outdoor space, you need to decide where to go on. The choice is provided by 3 regions (planets) for research, each of which has its own missions - legal or illegal. In the first case, the hero will deliver legal goods, hunting pirates, repair communication stations. The second option includes smuggle delivery, hunting for legitars and destruction of communication nodes. The type of tasks performed affects the hero's reputation.

Most missions lies in the transport of goods and other goods between the planets. To reduce the distance, you can use a hyperbreaker. After completing the instructions, the player earns a local currency. Accuming a sufficient amount of money, you can buy a new ship, weapon or clothing.

There are several useful features in the multiplayer. The user can ask another player to pass it off or request firing support in the event of a pirate attack. In addition to the main regime Universe there are 2 more. Star Marine hosts battles between teams in the form of capturing flag and other fights. Arena Commander allows you to fly away to fly on a spacecraft, driving an air battle with a computer or other gamers.

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