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Size to download: 713 MB. Version: v 1.09.00 [NEW VERSION]

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Memory: 2 GB
Processor: 1.5 Ghz
Storage: 500 MB
Graphics: 8 Mb
OS: 7, 8, 10
Year: 2020
Developer: VR Designs
Version: v 1.09.00 [NEW VERSION]

The creators of Shadow Empire decided to mix 4x strategy, Wargam RPG and Rogan elements. In this game, everything happens step by step. Gamer falls on an empty planet, where many objects will look for him alien. He leads to a small nation, must win her. Users can fight with a computer and among themselves.

In the project, the big emphasis is placed on procedural generation. Here are randomically created not only maps, but also technologies, units and types of military formations. All sides of the conflict are initially backward in terms of progress. Gradually, they improve science and make discoveries. Studying of the technological tree will give access to the construction of robots, shield generators, nuclear weapons, laser guns and other weapons.

The emperor interacts with its leaders who control zones, pump out and get skills (skills here about 40). Communication with them is built on the principle of role-playing games. If they make them their needs, they can bother the people to the uprising, start taking bribes or resign. In Shadow Empire, force majeure events are constantly under controlling territories. For example: sect or criminal syndicates. The player will allow himself to decide what to do with them.

In this TBS you need to pay a lot of attention to micromenezh. Strataghes were introduced to facilitate this process. Their use makes it possible to shift a part of the responsibilities of the head of state on the shoulders of AI. The diplomacy system allows you to conclude non-sparenotes and give a vassal oath.

Here are 100 units of weapons and equipment for fighters, 30 varieties of equipment. On the outcome of the battle between the armies, many factors affect. The fight takes into account moral soldiers, their experience, ability, preparedness for the fight, landscape, racks, weapons.

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