Download PUZZLE Quest: Galactrix PC Game 2009

Download PUZZLE Quest: Galactrix

Size to download: 236.9 MB. Version: v 1.07

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Memory: 512 MB
Processor: 2 GHz Intel Pentium 4
Storage: 250 MB
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 4 / Ati Radeon 8000
OS: XP / Vista / 7/8/10
Year: 2009
Developer: Infinite interactive
Version: v 1.07

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix - Puzzle with PPG elements in cosmic entourage. The plot is developing in the distant future. People have become a dominant look, pushing the alien races aside. There are no war - only the robbers sometimes attack the transport. However, big changes are coming, and the gamer will be in the thick of the events.

Character gets a variety of missions. Take into a fight with pirates, explore the asteroid, help at the station - only a small list of quests. The player explores a large open world with 80 stars. On the map allies are marked green, enemies - red, and neutral areas - blue. Fighting with one fraction, losing her location, but the other becomes an ally.

To get resources, you need to explore asteroids. Finds are sold at shopping posts. Finding on shipyard, you can spend money on new ships and gear. In the course of the plot at the hero, partners appear, which are offered to pass a mini-game. There are other optional quests in which resources can be earned, get discounts and other bonuses. For example, to get to another star, you need to open a gate. Here the familiar field is displayed, only this time the combinations are collected for a while. Passing the "moon", you will learn more about the world and creatures inhabiting it.

When the battle time comes, the player will see a round field with multicolored hexagons. Green, Red and Yellow Chips Complete Ship Energy. White give glasses experience, and blue strengthens the protective field. Purple stones - "fuel" for special psyche. For victory it is necessary to add combinations of tiles. After you get a row, all chips will move.

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