Project Zomboid

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Year: 2013

Genre: RPG

Developer: The Indie Stone

Size: 529 Mb

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Free Project Zomboid game torrent. How long have you played with toys, dedicated to zombies? They returned, and it is for you to miss! With them you will meet, if decide to download Project Zomboid torrent. Will players be able to join the opposition and withstand the impact? Do find strength to survive in the new world? After all, things changed on the planet, there is almost a place, wherever there were these bloodthirsty and nasty creatures that have absorbed almost the entire population. Many people have changed beyond recognition. But there were also those who fight to the last. They managed to survive, and now all their efforts are directed at the destruction of zombies and battle. Among them are the characters who will control the player. Wait for assistance from anyone, so expect to have only themselves and their strength. Proceed, and make sure that you have the strength and desire to pass this way until the end. Try to hold out as long as possible, take all necessary measures, and perhaps it is you manage to stop the apocalypse and to establish peace on earth. But you need to destroy the zombies, because their strength is through the roof.

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Orient themselves in space. In deciding to download the latest version of Project Zomboid, you get into the gaming space of enormous size. To begin with, it is necessary to examine it closely, then to learn the ropes. Do not be afraid to look into the dark corners, do not always there lurking danger. It happens that it is in the corner are necessary and useful things for you, and items that will help to destroy the zombies. Your task - not to get lost, and no one to fear.

After the death of a continuation. In that case, if your hero has become a victim of a zombie attack, he can be reborn in another place, to another location. But remember that this possibility is limited, and therefore, it is necessary to take care of its security, because after each death, you lose experience. But in the case of currents, you improve your ability to avoid danger, and it's too bad.

Avoid contaminated. It is better to die once than for a long time to be infected, suffer and suffer. Of course, if you are interested to stay infected, for the first time possible to be limited supervision. You will become a zombie, you will be able to kill their friends to eat their brains. But, to return to their former appearance and start playing, you'll have to die.

Who do you become? During the game on your way to meet a variety of characters, who managed to survive. You will be able alone to march around the game space, becoming a Ranger, or dial a group of aides and become a commander. With the help of the survivors, you will be able to replenish their reserves and resources, and it is very important to hold out as long as possible in this apocalypse.

Instructions zapuska network:
Connection to the server:
Run ProjectZomboid (32 or 64) .exe -gt; Click Join Server -gt; Right write -gt server IP; We enter your Username which will play on -gt server; Click Add -gt; Click Join Server.

Creating a server:
Run ProjectZomboidServer (32 or 64) .bat -gt; Do not close the command prompt and go to the game, giving your IP a friend or write in the Tunngle -gt chat rooms; We play (itself also connect to your server via its IP or localhost (

System requirements:
√ Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7
√ Processor: Intel Pentium IV - 3,0 GHz / AMD Athlon XP - 2,4 GHz
√ Memory: 1 GB
√ Video: 256 MB (GeForce 6800 GT / Radeon X1600 XT)
√ Sound Card: compatible with DirectX9.0c
√ Advanced: Keyboard and Mouse
√ Free space on hard disk: 1,35 GB

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