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Size to download: 311.55 MB. Version: v 1.2 [NEW VERSION]

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Memory: 128 MB
Processor: Pentium III 1 GHz
Storage: 800 MB
Graphics: DirectX8.0 C 32 MB
OS: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
Year: 2002
Developer: Radon Labs
Version: v 1.2 [NEW VERSION]

The plot tie Project Nomads begins on the small planet Eres, which broke into small pieces due to the intergalactic wars raging on it. Nomadov, indigenous people, scattered throughout the universe on these most fragments of their native land, and now they wander around in the endless expanses in the hope of starting a new era.

The main hero was the same nomad, engineer and magician in one person. Now he needs to find magical artifacts that are a very important component to create a new weapon. With the help of powerful guns, you can destroy enemy clans that have become the causal self-destruction of the Universe.

Other nomads and some creators who are an ancient race, which existed long before the disaster will help to cope with such a difficult work. Having traveled to a dangerous journey, the guy and his friends get into trouble, familiar captured, and their cosmolet knocked down rockets, and the chief of the chief of the mateorite forgotten, where the grave of one of the creators was secretly kept. Fall waves resurrected the dead, and he, as a sign of gratitude, pledged to help find friends and revive the most powerful island in the Universe.Basaltface recommends visiting the Grey Market, where a certain merchant was waiting for them to whom the user will return every time for help. The magician explains how to build buildings and manage the planet, but before studying, the game of the Broadcasting project offers to decide on the character for whom you want to play: Genius John, brave fighter Goliaf or the Susie witch.

Now you will start looking for artifacts, there are 3 types:

  • Construction - Such a find is the most important. With the help of one click, you can choose a place where the desired building should be, and recreate the building on this drawing.
  • Combat - There are only two of them - the ball in the fire and spell-bomb, they are stored in the personal "office" of magical spells and are successfully used in battle fights.
  • Bonuses - the game provided only three similar buns, the first increases on one division capacity of the belt, the second instantly replenishes the energy and health band, and the third acts as a reactive wreck, with which the character can fly freely.

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