Download Nirmita: 2D Survival Fantasy RPG PC Game 2020

Download Nirmita: 2D Survival Fantasy RPG

Size to download: 76 MB. Version: V | Early Access [New Version]

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Memory: 2 GB
Processor: 2 GHz - Dual Core

Graphics: HD Graphics 4000
OS: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Year: 2020
Developer: Nirmita Company
Version: V | Early Access [New Version]

Nirmita: 2D Survival Fantasy RPG briefly reveals all his own essence in its name. This role-playing game with elements of survival in the open world. It uses fantasy setting and two-dimensional graphics. Visual here most often serves as a background. Mostly everything is served through the text. In the indie project there is a change of day. Fights here are step-by-step.

Events Nirmita: 2D Survival Fantasy RPG occur in the Universe, named Nirmita. On her imposed a curse of a local villain. The hero suddenly turns out to be in this world and understands that he does not remember anything. Soon it turns out that it is mainly inhabited by women. From men, there are only a protagonist and antagonist. The main character will have to remember the past, to pump, solve the secrets of this measurement, overcome the villain. The project has a humorous atmosphere. Here you can meet references to Naruto, fight with an armed rifle log by the name of the ordinary facal, communicate not only with the usual NPC, but also interface elements.

At first, the future brave warrior does not know how. Over time, he learns new skills and becomes stronger. The fighter has 7 characteristics: power, dexterity, endurance, luck, intelligence, charisma and concentration. They decrease during the day. Need to rest regularly to restore them until the same. The hero lives in a cave. You can improve your habitat in every way. There is a collection of resources, food mining, craft weapons and armor, taming animals.

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