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Memory: 256 MB
Processor: Pentium 3 1.4 GHz / Athlon XP 1500+

Graphics: GeForce 6600 GT / RADEON X1300XT
OS: 7, 8, 10
Year: 2006
Developer: SkyFallen Entertainment
Version: Full Last Release

Dawn of Magic - developed by Russian programmers on the SkyFallen's own engine, role-playing adventure game in the style of fantasy. The standard separation of protagonists for classes is not, all of them initially magicians with the possibility of development in 12 magic schools. In each of them 8 spells. It gives 96 unique skills to create your unique build.

The antagonist of the magic of blood will become a modo - a powerful resident of the Absolute, expelled into our world to conclude in it throughout human life. Was originally deprived of his forces, but was able to find access to them, Modo decides to destroy the world, which is a prison for him, and shout its enemies.

Protagonist will perform one of 4 characters to your choice:

  • Scattered Scholyar - has a large indicator of intelligence and reserve of Chi (mana). But wears smaller weight in the inventory, the number of HP and its regeneration is also less compared to other.
  • Thick monk - the opposite of Scholyar
  • Gypsy-fortune tank - averaged indicators, only the "Good luck" parameter is allocated
  • Bowls' wife - a great stock of health and energy, but small stock mana
You can choose mortal or immortal will be your protege. This will affect whether he will raise after defeat in battle. Also on the story branch affects the choice of one of the three worldviews: good, evil, neutral. It predetermined who you will help and on whose side will be.

In addition to pumping directly skills, it is possible to apply tattoos on the body, analogue of passive perks. They can be tied up to 8 pieces, each of them will add new features or strengthen old. The maximum increase in the necessary stats can be divided "sets" of the armor, but they are rare and difficult to get.

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