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Size to download: 1.43 GB. Version: V 109A

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Memory: 512 MB
Processor: from 1.4 GHz;
Storage: 2 GB
Graphics: 128 MB
OS: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
Year: 2014
Developer: LST
Version: V 109A

Lost Sector - a project at the junction of two different genres: step-by-step party role adventures and MMORPG real-time. Such an unusual symbiosis is possible due to its own engine created for maximum flexibility. Also, there is high-quality physics both facilities and characters and flying bullets. Setting this trip - the near future (2035), practically abandoned and destroyed metropolis called Brockston. The game offers three types of content associated with battles: PVE plot orders, PVP clashes with other players and clan battles, where you can capture cities or participate in special events.

The plot tells about the alternative universe, where there are no countries from the real world, but some of them are similar to real in detail. Humanity made a huge leap in the development of pharmaceuticals and learned to create a miraculous drug, which extends life at least three times, conducts the body rejuvenation and increases the activity of cells inside the body. These tablets were named "Rebis". Because of them there was a conflict that divided society into groups on social status, because all the drug was missing. Because of him began warriors, destruction and the radiation of some territories. Gamer turns out to be in the middle of all, it opens the opportunity to take any tasks from different societies and earn their respect and pump their own squad of fighters.

Available fractions with which you can interact:

  • On the side of the law are - military units E81, Atanor Labs, Police, Vagarda
  • Oppose them - anarchists, diggers, smugglers, prisoners, resistance, collectors, alliance, geek.
  • Keep neutral status - league of merchants, manipulators, old government.

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