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Download Lords of Magic: Special Edition

Size to download: 300.36 MB. Version: Full Last Release

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Memory: 1 GB
Processor: 1.8 ghz
Storage: 600 MB
Graphics: NNVIDIA / ATI 3D Graphics Card Compatible DirectX 7 With Hardware T&L
OS: 7, 8, 10
Year: 1997
Developer: Impressions Games
Version: Full Last Release

The player will go to Fantasy Universe Uraka in Lords of Magic: Special Edition. Lord Balkot instresses fear of residents of these lands, carved the valuable artifact. Everywhere of war, chaos, destruction. The hero must stop the antagonist until he destroyed the whole world. The strategy was created to combine such games as Heroes of Might and Magic II and Lords of The Realm. The character uses magic and spells, exploring the territory, develops its skills, and enters the alliances that develop.

Game fractions:

  • Life - Elddren. Enter the elves living in the forests, with prostasses and with bows, capable of calling reinforcement on Pegasus and Phoenix Bird.
  • Death - Dark Elves, followers of a goal. Live in swamps, necromancers who know how to throw from a spear. Possess strong cavalry.
  • Earth - Hobbits and Dwarfs that live in mushrooms and nora. Warriors are slow, but hardy, cause the Golem and the Great Worm.
  • Air - giants and fairies, dwell on the clouds, possess magic. Weak cavalry with resistant armies.
  • Fire - giants and gnomes that live in volcanoes. Use destructive magic, call on the help of the dragon.
  • Water - Amazons, at home of which - on the shores of the reservoirs. Strong ships, powerful cavalry, excellent intelligence, and assistants - giant arachnids.
  • Order - Medieval Knights and Crossbills, Calling Spirits, Warriors and Sir Lancelota.
  • Chaos - tribal barbarians, have skillful warriors and riders, a special creature - hydra.
When choosing a fraction one should remember that the rest of the unions will not always be friendly to the rest, with some possible diplomacy and trade. The main goal in the composition of any alliance is to defeat the Balket, the Lord of Death. Heroes with a unique gameplay and special tactics are divided into 3 types: Warrior - a tank, leads the army on battles, the thief acts one, robs, spying and abducts characters, in exchange for artifacts, Magic - uses powerful spells, which in the game 160 causes giants.

The world is full of monsters and monsters and buildings with enemies. There is 1 game card, where every alliance has its territory. Gamer travels and collects a troop from soldiers, archers, creatures and cavalryists. Actions on the map are step-by-step, including the movement of troops. Battles of step-by-step and come in real time. The wards are set automatically, but before the fight you can choose actions for each of them. Resources are mined during the studies, when capturing the mines, you can send researchers bringing resources every week.

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