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Memory: 4 GB
Processor: Dual Core

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Year: 2021
Developer: Voodoosoft
Version: Early Access) Last Version

Lethal Running - RPG, created based on the shielded novel Stephen King "The running Man". Futuristic anti-nightopia about the mosted in corruption with a split society, where one extreme to appetite devours the other: the poor part of the population is forced to participate in a bloody entertainment for the rich, decorated in the form of a show, where head hunters are extinguished by the destruction of competitors. Lethal Running gameplay consists of procedurally generated levels with pixel graphics, on which it is not possible to get used to locations. However, the metamorphosis of urban infrastructure does not interfere with the population trade: local baryg can buy weapons, nozzles and even implants to improve the physical characteristics and character skills.

Briefly about the features of the game:

  • The hero can be pumped by redeeming useful things from black market traders, but it is better not to lose vigilance: the probability of robbery, when the protagonist rests quite high.
  • The player has a solid selection of weapons and equipment, with which every passage acquires a new style: those who prefer to act noisy, you can try the bits and the laser gun, the bit of sadism is offered, and the fans of diplomacy and spyware will enjoy the invisibility cloak, telepathic controller And the silencer of the environment.
  • Rooms with a prize muddy like dynamite guarded guardians. The hero will be able to cure the wounds with medicinal herbs and warm at night, breeding cozy fires.
  • The study is encouraged by increasing capabilities: trunks are printed on the discovered 3D printers, broken equipment is repaired in the industrial sector. In power plants, you can charge lasers, lamps and other devices.

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