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Size to download: 447 MB. Version: v 1.0.5.F (51492) - Save the World Edition [New Version]

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Memory: 6 GB
Processor: Multi-Core 2.5Ghz
Storage: 500 MB
Graphics: GeForce 750m / GeForce GTX 650
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Year: 2021
Developer: Solar Powered Games
Version: v 1.0.5.F (51492) - Save the World Edition [New Version]

Highrisers - RPG adventure, the events of which are unfolded in the fictional future of humanity. On the planet there was an unknown virus. Everyone who infected them was forever immersed in sleep. They are not able to wake up from him, and the mind is controlled by itself. Infected become similar to zombies, aggressively tuned against people. Sleeping most afraid of light.

The player controls the group of survivors of 4 participants. To travel to the open world, explore locations and go through the skyscrapers and stone jungle. Each corner will wait for deadly opponents. Sleeping live in alleys and places where light does not penetrate. On the streets they go out at night, the most dangerous time for survivors. Passage begins with the central characters get stuck in the skyscraper of the city where they will help their own skills and interaction among themselves.

For survival, you will need to look for food, tools and equipment. The arsenal of weapons is extensive and offers the main characters to take advantage of doubles, crossbows, homemade fireproof, explosives and other. In addition to objects, Gamer is able to manufacture mechanisms, traps, barricades, medicines and other necessary things for survival. To create hard structures, drawings will be required or the development of craft skills.

Features Highrisers:

  • Night - Dangerous Time of Day. To survive and meet dawn requires planning actions, get valuable trophies or hide in a safe place.
  • Free learning game territory. For quick movement, you can repair HC-27 helicopter and travel long distances.
  • Collisions with mutted people hiding in the dark. They can be lured on traps, fight, shoot, deceive and immobilize.
  • Locations are created procedurally as obstacles, LUT and secondary quests.

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