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Size to download: 2.35 GB. Version: V

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Memory: 4 GB
Processor: Intel Core i3 2.00 ghz

Graphics: 1 GB video memory supporting DirectX&# 58; eleven
OS: 7, 8, 10
Year: 2014
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Version: V

Choose a character, pick it up on your skills and talents directly during the battles in Heroes of the Storm. 2 teams with five users take part in the process. The main task is to destroy the enemy fortress. Here, the whole experience earned by the user goes to pumping a team in which, with obtaining a new level, an increase in each individual member of the group is carried out. At some levels, you can choose talent for the ward. Gaming money or gear here. The action takes place in different worlds of Nexus, for example, there is a dragon edge, the sanctuary of the Sun and the Moon, the damned hollow, the Rock Tower, the Heavenly Temple.

The Mova has dozens of heroes of Blizzard Universes, divided into categories:

  • Tanks - powerful warriors, which are different in defense. They are able to take on all damage.
  • Shirts - can apply a weighty damage to the enemy, being very strong.
  • Support - help allies with strengthening and effects.
  • Lekari - reduce damage and help to be treated to all members of the alliance.
  • Melee killers - the most effectively fight one on one with the enemy.
  • Far battle warriors - useful when attacking at a distance.
  • Lost vikings - s independent character, which is carried out separately or everyone together.
  • Cho'Galle - OGR, subject to two gamers at the same time.
There are passive skills that constantly operate, for example, raising damage, and active, which is used instantly. The game is divided into modes: a fast game where battles occur on a random field, the destruction without a rating, where it is possible without rank, against AI - the user will choose the ward and complexity, the scuffle - a random generation of characters. In the process, you can use vehicles that add vehicle speed. Having received any wound, gamer loses its possibility of further use, up to the next battlefield.

Bases that can be built or destroyed consist of:

  • Citadel - basic design; her loss means defeat.
  • Forts - for defense and counterfeiting.
  • Fonts - help restore health and manu.
  • Defense lines are two towers connected by walls with gates.

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