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Size to download: 1.20 GB. Version: v 3.0 (25023) - COMPLETE EDITION

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Memory: 512 MB
Processor: 1.00 ghz

Graphics: GeForce 6600 GT / RADEON X1300XT
OS: 7, 8, 10
Year: 2002
Developer: New world computing
Version: v 3.0 (25023) - COMPLETE EDITION

Heroes of Might and Magic 4 - the continuation of the legendary step-by-step strategy in which the creators decided to return to the primary sources. The game contains six campaigns with unique stories and different races. Each of them tells about a separate person who arrived in the mysterious world of Akseot from the dying enroot. Due to the convergence of artifacts - Armageddon and Ice clinics, an explosion occurs, which caused cataclysm - payback. From the dying universe, portals are opening in other spaces, where you can re-remove life and powers.

The player can pass such plot campaigns:

  • True blade - Lord Landander with a sage named Adamus and Priest Proyfo goes in search of a true heir to the throne.
  • Being Majesty - Warzhak, Tangric Son, collects barbarians to create his own power.
  • The price of the world - the girl Emilia creates a state and will defend him from Gavina Magnus - an immortal ruler, and the genie named Solmir Ibn Vali Barad.
  • Alvin and Shaar - Alvin will go in search of his beloved, which Lord Gark kidnapped.
  • Half-man - tells about the semi-man, semi-dead. Goldot half tries to return a good reputation and stop the calibar wishing to destroy all the worlds.
  • Pirate's daughter - after the death of Pope Tauni Balfuch heads the ship, and with Pete Girley will capture settlements and will control the Golden Sea.
Actions unfold on the map where heroes and creatures are moving in different places in the troops. The armies are mined in battle resources, artifacts. Home Composite Gameplay - Countries where you can get resources and army. Landscape and for the movement of troops, Vesbo requires individual moves. On the maps are underground levelaes - these are copies of surface levels.

The struggle here is to be for seven resources. This is gold to arrange settlements and hiring armies, wood and ore for facilities, sulfur, crystals, gems and mercury. Profit bring mainly the city. In Heroes of Might and Magic IV Magic divided into schools - Magic of life, order, death, chaos, nature. Characters are studying spells according to their skills of a certain level.

Battles are carried out in separate windows on the world map. The troops are located on the sides and act alternately. In the process, protagonists perform certain actions. The initiative parameter determines the order of moves. Artifacts are represented in the form of guns, potions, treasures, relics, items, such as shoes, hats, necklaces, raincoats, shields and swords, which character can wear or use to pump separate skills. For the hero there are nine skills, namely: exploration, tactics, rolling case, nobility and magical abilities. They can be developed in the process, as well as study new.

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