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Size to download: 465 MB. Version: v 1.12f

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Memory: 512 MB
Processor: 1 GHz Processor

Graphics: 3D Graphics Card, DirectX 7
OS: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Year: 2001
Developer: Piranha Bytes
Version: v 1.12f

Gothic Sequel is a lost continuation of the iconic role-playing game. Initially, this version was supposed to be released after the original "Gothic". She could be something like an extensive addition. But the creators as a result of this idea refused and released a full-fledged second part, replacing the name and general concept, as well as grabbing the most successful developments. This release for obvious reasons remained on a very raw development stages.

Locations, narration and basic events are partially different from those that we eventually saw in the official continuation and addone to it. The action of Gothic Sequel begins a few months after the nameless struck with sleeping. Necromancers Ksardas saves the hero of the destroyed temple and takes to her tower. The main character is teleported from there to the area of ​​the old camp, where he gets acquainted with the royal intelligence. And the Base itself is now managing his good familiar Diego. As it turned out, the barrier around the Rudnik Valley fell, but also weakened and borders between the worlds. Because of these two incidents, the locality flooded the orcs and demons. Upon learning of what happened, the King Robar II was arrived in the region, sowing in the mountain fortress with magicians and paladins. The true goals of his visit remain a mystery. Protagonist itself decides to take advantage of the case and see the ruler. To this end, he goes to Migten.

This is a gaming prototype, where only the first head of history is completed. It is given to wander through the changed old camp, which has become a much more law-abiding place, the earlier, to move a little in the plot, chat with old and new characters. Some NPC subsequently moved to "Two", Trikvel and even other series of this studio. Graphics remained the same as in the original. Gameplay also in general turned out to be untouched.

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