Download Gorasul: The LEGACY OF THE DRAGON PC GAME 2002

Download Gorasul: The LEGACY OF THE DRAGON

Size to download: 2.72 GB. Version: Full Last Release

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Memory: 256 MB
Processor: Pentium II 600
Storage: 3 GB
Graphics: 16 Mb
OS: Windows XP
Year: 2002
Developer: Silverstyle Entertainment
Version: Full Last Release

Gorasul: The Legacy of The Dragon moves users to a fantasy world and offers to participate in the development of the history of Radognads, which the dragons themselves were raised. At one moment, the demons and evil spirits are attacked, the hero is killed, but 10 years later he comes to himself, he will be reborn by receiving memory loss. Now, he needs to regain its former power and, taking advantage of combat potential, deal with the evil spirits, which almost destroyed all living in this world.

Project Features "Horaus: Dragon Heritage":

  • Role-playing system - gameplay begins with the creation of a character where you can choose 1 of 6 classes that differ in the limit of pumping some characteristics (intelligence, charisma, etc.).
  • Passive skills - these skills the character received from the dragon, and they allow you to see objects on the map, to produce fear waves, spit with fire and just increase the level of power.
  • Pumping weapons - receiving a sword, onions, an ax or something like this, you can accumulate experience points in it, increasing specific characteristics. In addition, weapons can speak, communicating with the character at moments without battle.
The passage of the game involves the execution of various quests, puzzles and battles with opponents at certain points. For example, already at the beginning to get out of the tower, you need to solve several tasks using the prompts from the dialog box. The world itself is divided into several islands, where there are many objects and key points for the hero. They can be explored for useful items and fight with monsters using existing weapons. In addition to land plots, you can go down to the dungeon, exploring more dangerous, but at the same time containing a lot of secrets. All items found and values ​​are transferred to the inventory, from where they can be used for its intended purpose (for example, drinking a potion) or get rid of the urgency.


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