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Year: 2020
Developer: Bethesda Softworks
Version: v [NEW VERSION]

According to the plot Fallout 76, the first people came out of shelters after a nuclear war. They go to explore the empty, where mutants are already waiting. The player will be able to visit 6 regions, each of which has its own kind of dangerous livelihood and landscape. Among the scorched desert there are wooded areas with red trees. What is the most amazing - quite recently deserted territories were populated by those who were able to survive the apocalypse on the surface. Need to find notes to learn more stories about local residents.

Fallaut 76 In addition to a single campaign, a full-fledged multiplayer was added. Upon reaching 5 levels, players can join PVP battles. However, the duel will not begin if the second user does not want. If not to shoot in response - the enemy bullets do not cause much harm.

You can get allies that will help in building a base and stripping monsters. There are no special needs in construction, because at the beginning of the game Gamer gets C.A.M.P. - Portable camp with household buildings and house. The rest of the user will be guarded by security tornels. However, in the group, it is much easier to eliminate high-level enemies. Competition still takes place - players fight for sources of titanium and aluminum, rare and valuable metal for craft.

The character has the main characteristics, like power and health. Parameters are hampered using cards received for raising levels. At any time, even during battle, skills glasses can redistribute. If you need to open the lock, then the ability "gunmaker" Changing on "breaking". External appearance is chosen to taste - new outfits are purchased in the store for the local currency. In addition to ordinary clothes, you can walk in pajamas or buy a vampire costume.

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