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Size to download: 104 MB. Version: v 1.3 [NEW VERSION]

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Memory: 2 GB
Processor: 2.33GHZ OR Faster X86-Compatible Processor
Storage: 500 MB
Graphics: 2006 or Newer Graphics Card
OS: 7, 8, 10
Year: 2020
Developer: Potion Junkies
Version: v 1.3 [NEW VERSION]

DWARF SHOP proposes to do business, which is usually not characteristic of classic fantasy dwarves. You are invited to open your own store and become a successful trader. All dwarves, as you know, adore ore, rock and minerals. Gold - also mineral, so it is not surprising that you love him so much and do not stop neither before, until you become in it, like Scrowge Mc Duck.

Classical fantasy universe, magic, fictional races and mythical beings. Of course, all the stereotypic - elves love nature, people are performed by expansion, the orcs are fighting, and the dwarves are engaged in well to do. Namely - mining ore and fight with everyone who will look at them. You have to skillfully use the habits of your people and at the expense of this get rich.

Turn the simple store into a successful market, open new recipes and create new products. Focus on buyers's reaction, offer a better price to contempt with them as much gold as possible and they returned to you again for another horned helmet or hammer.

Equip the scout and send it to explore underground caves. They are dangerous, monsters and unknown creatures are found, but there are also many treasures, precious stones and ores. After a successful hike, allow your own geasery to relax a little, pump new skills, rejection into new equipment and send back. And all that he brought from the campaign to let the turnover and collect a couple more a bit of gold.

Gold need not only to you personally. There are rumors among members of your clan, that only the one who will gather an inconceivable amount of gold will be able to call for a formidable and faithful defender - dragon. Yes, dragons now dear, so sell more expensive, buy cheaper and admire your treasury.


  • Fantasy store simulator, built in classical, and therefore simple and understandable universe.
  • The usual pastime for the dwarves - fight, extract ore and drink. This is in excess.
  • Easy and unobtrusive humor sneakers in each action and image, and an attractive design intrigues from the first minutes.
  • Become a successful business, using any means available for this. Kraft, research, battles and trade are needed only for one purpose - to convert everything into gold.
  • Draw enough money and maybe the legend of the personal dragon will be a reality.


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