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OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Year: 2013
Developer: Illwinter Game Design
Version: V 4.10 [New Version]

Dominions 4: Thrones of Ascension - this is a global step-by-step strategy. The project uses Middle Ages-Fantasy Setting. Events unfold in the dimension where the gods-impostors lead nations and are fighting for the opportunity to become a full-fledged deity and rule the world. One of these applicants has previously reached its goal. After his arrival, there was a peaceful period. But one day he disappeared, and various imitators were unleashed again to take his place. For one of these competitors and play gamer.

Thaletl boasts high relaignability, large amounts of content and a variety of tactical possibilities. In Dominions 4: Thrones of Ascension, 28 peoples are available - from people to mythical creatures. Each fraction has not only their units, but also the board of the board they prefer. In addition to choosing a nation here, it allows you to determine the physical embodiment of God. Musually the creation can personally keep their troops battle and actively take part in battles or sit in their possessions, sorcerers of spells from afar. They have 8 schools magic available.

The gameplay resembles Civilization. There is an analogue of culture from the titles of this series. It is called Dominion. Before starting the party, you can configure it by selecting your preferred advantages. For victory, you must complete one of three goals. To successfully complete the card, you will need to conquer the whole world, capture "Throne Ascension" Or achieve success in the study of race. When the armies of the two configuring parties face, then the phase of the fight comes. Fights pass in automatic mode. The user can affect the outcome of the shock, only distributing the general orders before its start. User is always in a state of military conflict with all. Diplomacy here plays a minor role.

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