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Size to download: 1.08 GB. Version: v 3.01

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Memory: 64 MB
Processor: Pentium 3 500 MHz
Storage: 2 GB
Graphics: 32 MB, DirectX 8.0
OS: 7, 8, 10
Year: 2006
Developer: Strategy First
Version: v 3.01

Disciples 2 - Full publication of a step-by-step strategy, including all the additions released: "Kanun Ragnarec", "Guard of darkness", "Guard of Light" and "Elf revolt". The game will have to lead a personal army of one of five races. Fighting to be with the Horde of the Dead, the divisions of darkness and various evil spirits, saving the world of the Nevendar. Setting games performed in fantasy style.

Party's ability determines the protagonist. For example, the higher its speed of movement, the faster the army is moving or the damage applied and T.D. The hero takes an active part on the battlefield, so at any moment it can kill it. Character dies forever if the entire party of heroes died. The party consists of 5 units and can continue the game without a protagonist. But in this case, the effectiveness of the troops decreases several times. With the help of treatment, you can restore the dead soldiers. The recruitment of the composition is carried out using the skill "Leadership".

Races "Followers 2":

  • Empire - people under the patronage of the Most High God. The appearance is similar to the people of Middle Ages. Represented by angels, titans and magic.
  • Mountain clans - Dwarfs, relying only on technical progress. Fight with the help of Yet and Giant.
  • Hordes of undead - zombies, vampires, skeletons and various evil spirits with the leader Mortis. From unique units, the race represents the Vervolph and the Spirit of Death.
  • Legion Cursed - Demons and otherworldly creatures, fighting on the side of the cut. They are trying to subordinate all living on earth.
  • Elves - creatures formed by unions as a result of response actions on the threat from other races. Give repulse an alliance and other clans.
Each race in Disciples 2 has its own troops, consisting of a warrior, magician and auxiliary soldiers: Lekari, Disclaimers, paralyzing ghosts and T.D. In the game there are neutral units, among which robbers, mercenaries and barbarians. As the army moves on the map, they can attack neutrals, wild animals and sea monsters if the party overcomes the sea. The main resources are gold and mana. For money you can hire heroes, buy potions, drugs and different subjects. With the help of mana glasses, spells applied before duel are studied.

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