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Size to download: 275.3 Mb. Version: v 1.58 + DLC - Enhanced Edition [New Version]

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Memory: 1 GB
Processor: 1.2 Ghz
Storage: 350 MB
Graphics: Compatible with DirectX 9.0
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Year: 2013
Developer: QCF Design
Version: v 1.58 + DLC - Enhanced Edition [New Version]

Desktop Dungeons combines a puzzle with a bagel and a simple town-planning simulator. Every ride in this indie game lasts about 10 minutes (or less). Any dance fits within the same screen. Some catacombs are not limited to. There are marsh, deserted, ice and other locations. Almost all dungeons are generated randomly.

Desktop Dungeons Step-by-Step gameplay. The character appears on the map and begins to explore it. Initially, the whole zone is closed "Foggy war". For victory you need to kill the boss and find a way out. However, first need to pump. For each discovery of the initially closed cell, the hero has a little restored health and mana. If the monster is hurt and then in this way, then the enemy will also begin to regenerate HP. Opponents are not moving, but they always beat first.

Gaming process is built on mathematics. Before applying a strike, the opponent has to calculate in the head who will cause how much damage will cause and whether the winner will come. It is also necessary to consider the number of experience gained for the murder of each kind of monsters, it allows you to quickly increase the levels. Needles also have Levels. Except Sugostites there are shops, gold, potions and artifacts, which allow you to apply more damage, break the walls, to change places with a taught and t. NS.

After returning to the surface, the user removes the settlement. Gradually, the village will turn into a fantasy town. Ereated buildings open access to new races, classes, types of terrain, mounds and opportunities. For example, at one of the stages of the development of the village will be possible to equip their fighters with a one-time melt purchased in the local blacksmith. There are 12 specializations here. They can be divided into 4 types: warriors, magicians, thieves and lycari. When the user sends heroes to Danza, they will always have to pump them again.

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