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Size to download: 1.58 GB. Version: v 1.0.0406

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Memory: 256 MB;
Processor: 1.5 GHz;

Graphics: GeForce 3 (except MX-series) with 64 MB RAM;
OS: XP, Vista, 7;
Year: 2009
Developer: Bgteam
Version: v 1.0.0406

Modification of Corsary 3: The secrets of the distant seas will allow the gamer to play for the young adventurist Peter Blake. A man arrives in the Spanish port of San Sebastian, where he will be to become the captain of the ship, however, as soon as he sails on the Caribbean, he is arrested and put in prison. Of the conversations of the ceamers, the main character learns about the mysterious treasures, on the search for which it is looped. Running from English imprisonment, the player goes on a trip worldwide.

Since Corsairs 3: TDM is, first of all, additional modifications to the main storyline, precisely deserves attention. Gamer can travel freely in the open world, and if the passage of major missions will be bored, to fulfill additional orders, for example, to go robbery other vessels or sell in the jewelry market. The mod was inspired by the film Pirates of the Caribbean, from which the main actors are taken for tasks. Thanks to this fact, you can visit the skins of Jack Sparrow himself, Davy Jones or William Turner.

In addition to the new main and secondary heroes, the updated models of the vessel and weapons were added to the game. Now standard luggers, brigantines, Galiotes and Barchentins can be replaced by bonus ass in the form of an interceptor, Arabella, a flying dutch, black pearls and fortunes. Armunition classes appeared, including lightweight, heavy and firearms. Now the player will be able to shoot from the Royal Revolver, Hydra, Mortira and Even the Pistol Edward Titch.

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