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Size to download: 1.36 GB. Version: v 1.2.3 - Hardcore Edition

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Memory: 512 MB
Processor: Pentium 4 - 1.5 GHz
Storage: 6.4 GB
Graphics: GeForce 4
OS: XP / Vista / 7/8/10
Year: 2007
Developer: Seaward
Version: v 1.2.3 - Hardcore Edition

Corsairs 3: The return of the legend continues a series of pirates, only now the action unfolds in the Caribbean in 1665. In the struggle for power over the region, England agreed, France, Holland and Spain, from the choice of the country's flag depends on relationships with other heroes of the game. The main acting person is one of the characters to choose from - a dying adventurer of Diego Espinosis, a fighter and pirate Edward Tich, famous as a black beard, and a dealer Alex Exvemelin.

The main difference between Corsary 3: the return of the legend from the previous parts, except for binding to real geography and history, is the development of chief of the Pirates system. These are personal specifications, they improve to 10 rank or pumped by special artifacts.

Features Pirates:

  • Force - determines the power of the impact, the value of the portable weight and life indicators;
  • Perception - the ability to drag a lot from the ship tools, as well as to notice the slightest details of what is happening around;
  • The reaction is a dexterity and mobility, is an indicator of the energy required to participate in the fight face to face;
  • Leadership - predisposition profitable to negotiate, capture ships without a fight, enter into transactions. The higher the characteristic is hampered, the more officers can be hired into the team;
  • Learning guarantees rapid mask, for example, navigating or skillful appeal with pistols;
  • Endurance sets the glasses of life and load capacity;
  • Good luck or luck, manifests itself in invulnerability to enemy bullets, imperceptibility.
During the ship on the ship, the ship's move determines the strength and direction of the wind, you can make maneuvers, raise or lower sails, develop ship skills, such as navigation, accuracy, protection, maintainability, trade, reloading rate of guns on board.

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