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Year: 2015

Genre: RPG, Strategy

Developer: Sauropod Studio

Size: 376 Mb

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Free download Castle Story torrent. Probably everyone at least once dreamed of having his castle, no matter at what age you visited these dreams. Children want to lock to play there, imagine how their fortress attack enemies, and they act as soldiers, and defend it. But in adults it is different. Many people want to live in a castle, amidst beautiful scenery, luxurious interiors, relax by the pool, and enjoy their lives. It is worth noting that the new game project Castle Story satisfy all needs. This is achieved thanks to the game two modes. Choosing the first, you have to battle in the selection of the second - the construction.

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Computer game Castle Story is presented in the voxel style and genre refers to the strategies of the sandbox. Survival mode offers users the main characters in the form of funny creatures yellow called briktrony. They have their own castle, which put opponents korruptrony-eye. Gamers will be able to feel in the role of the architect, as well as to take the responsibilities of the commander. You will need to do everything so that the fortress was strong and robust walls could withstand the attack the attackers, but at the same time made it possible to your soldiers to use your tactical skills. Both warring parties have different weapons on their arms. In the arsenal of a sword, a bow, Shield, Catapult, and more, in addition reinforced by magical powers.

Those who decide to download torrent Castle Story 0.4.4 version will be available flights. All the action will unfold on the small islands, which are able to fly. Each of them created with the voxels. This graphic blocks. With their help, players will be able to operate, even while high above the landscape. For example, available to create a mining tunnel. It can be very much, but it is necessary to pay special attention to the thickness of the walls, because your opponents will not give up even after several unsuccessful attempts to get hold of your castle. All assaults - this wave. With the advancement deep into the game, you will notice that the waves will increase in size and strength, and at the end you can now cover the tsunami.

Since the game project has elements of sandbox, then you will be available for the construction of various objects and structures. You can build a castle in the ancient style, or in a modern, futuristic. Remember that no matter what you build. It is important to remember that gravity and other natural forces has not been canceled. Therefore, make the foundation of the most robust and reliable. In the computer game Castle Story developers have implemented many elements of physics, and did it very skillfully and professionally.

To play multiplayer, CastleStories.exe use the file in the folder with a game.

The game is still in development, so there are a variety of errors, but I think that soon all correct.

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
Processor: 1.5 GHz
RAM: 512 Mb
Video Card: OpenGL 1.4 support
Hard disk space: 500 MB

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