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Terraria Arcade, Action, RPG download torrent

Year: 2015

Genre: Arcade, Action, RPG

Developer: Re-Logic

Size: 144 Mb

download Terraria

Download game Terraria for free. Computer game Terraria download the torrent you can download on our website now. It belongs to the genre of "sandbox", and it is directly related to the global blockbuster MineCraft, which begins with it. The project was created much earlier MineCraft, and liked the fans due to open in the world platformer. Your actions in the game is not limited. Your character will be able to live a full and vibrant life under your control.

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When people talk about Terraria, then this game is constantly compared with MineCraft. In this case, each of these projects - a fully independent, endowed with its own advantages and strengths. In MineCraft projecting the world takes place in the course of the game, the player does not expect progruzki level, but in Terraria users have to wait loading cards. Although, in general terms, the process of the game in the two projects is quite similar. You have to build various buildings, to do the extraction of resources, the destruction of monsters will reward you for that resource. Terraria game is different in that it all of the tools and weapons, do not break, and there is no need to collect furnaces to melt the material.

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7
Processor: 1.6 GHz
RAM: 512 MB
Video Card: 128 MB VRAM and support for Shader 1.1
Sound Card: DirectX compatible
Hard disk space: 200 MB

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