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2017 Survius Arcade, Shooter download free

Year: 2017

Genre: Arcade, Shooter

Developer: Chaozz Games

Size: 320 Mb

download Survius

Free download Survius torrent. Today, game developers are offering users a variety of products, showing what may be the world after a global catastrophe. Facing games is not much, but the company Chaozz Games was able to offer an exciting shooter survival. Post-apocalyptic theme disclosed in Survius, where the hero has to fight for his life, fighting with other players, to search for weapons, valuable resources and allies to build a base and do not become a delicacy for the flesh-eating zombies. Multiplayer is available for free. All the action in the open, a huge world made with a third party.

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If you want to dive into a dizzying and dangerous adventure, just download the free Survius using the intuitive menu on our website. Explore the open world, which shows how things can look after the terrible disaster. Everything is teeming with evil walking dead. The main task is to survive, you become one of those on whom is assigned a global mission - to return to the world its former appearance. Your new home will be the island completely abandoned and empty at first glance. Examine all the hiding places and do not miss anything interesting, find useful objects and resources, water, food and weapons.

On this page you can download the game via torrent Survius free on a PC.