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party hard

Arcade, Strategy free Party hard torrent

Year: 2015

Genre: Arcade, Strategy

Developer: Pinokl Games

Size: 188 Mb

Download Party hard

Download game Party hard for free. Many developers often unrealistic ideas are embodied in computer games. No exception - Party hard. Players will control it ninja assassin and your task - to prove themselves as the best killer. What is the real killer? Discreet, secretive, can kill without drawing attention to themselves even in a crowd. The game is a simulator of the killer, and working on it igrodely Pinokl Games studio and tinyBuild together.

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If you have not made a final decision regarding the download of the game, we offer to get acquainted with its features.

The plot of the game takes place in one of the most peaceful cities. Here come to live the company of people, noisy and cheerful, regularly throw parties. Loud music, drink, fun and noise until dawn - this and much more is their life. They, of course, like everything and are satisfied, but the surrounding in such a situation really suffer. One of the residents of the sleeping city can not stand the nerves, and it takes a desperate decision, at that time the only correct, as it seemed to the hero - all killed.

Game gameplay will allow you to feel as a murderer or serial killer. But the methods that are used to see in horror films, such as cut of a chainsaw, it's not in use. You need to do their work accurately, without attracting attention and without causing suspicion among law enforcement agencies.

As an aid you are offered a variety of options and murder plans, so you will not have done irreparable mistakes.

On this page you can download the game Party hard torrent free on a PC.