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Jets'n'guns 2

Download full game jets'n'guns 2 via torrent on PC
Download jets'n'guns 2
Storage: 250 MB
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: 2.0 GHz 2-Core
Graphics: OpenGL 3.2
Memory: 2 GB
Category: Arcade
Version: 0.9.191014.3 (Latest)
Genres: Action, Indie, Early access
Year: Two thousand eighteen
Publisher: Rake in Grass

Jets'n'guns 2 screenshots:

Jets'n'guns 2 game screen Jets'n'guns 2 game screen Jets'n'guns 2 game screen

Download jets'n'guns 2 pc torrent for free. Jets'n'guns 2 – a modified continuation of the popular game project, which belongs to the genre scrolling shooter. Here you go on the path of resistance and fight with crowds of cunning and ruthless opponents. The enemy will stand in your way constantly, that is why the developers decided to add to the game a variety of weapons. With the murder weapon you can do great cope with scary creatures who dared to become for you an obstacle to the main goal. This time the player can rejoice in the presence of an even greater number of opportunities for themselves, resulting in more fun gameplay. You will be in a world of insane action where everything is subject to destruction. The storyline again confronts you with the threat of destruction of the whole universe, the salvation of which now lies on your shoulders. The fact is that there is a strange and very powerful being, capable of much, for achievement of a goal. This entity arrived on the planet from a completely different dimension and now intends to take the life of all living things. You will assume the role of a brave pilot, which will go on the path of revenge to destroy the main opponent and prevent the deaths of innocent residents. On this page you can download the game jets'n'guns 2 torrent free on a PC.

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