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Download full game Iris.Fall via torrent on PC
Download Iris.Fall
Download Iris.Fall
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Graphics: GTX 660
Processor: Intel Core i3
Storage: 4 GB
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Memory: 4 GB
Publisher: NEXT Studios
Version: Last (Newest)
Genres: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Year: Two thousand eighteen
Category: Arcade

Iris.Fall screenshots:

Iris.Fall game screen Iris.Fall game screen Iris.Fall game screen

Download Iris.Fall pc torrent for free. Iris Fall – game project, which is an excellent representative of the genre of adventure puzzle. Of the distinguishing features we can immediately note the visual execution, which was drawn by hand, created a unique atmosphere of the world in which you have to go. The main inhabitants of this world are light and shadow. The storyline initially introduces you to a girl named iris. The girl lived a completely normal life up to a point. In one of these ordinary days, iris wakes up in his room and decides to go after the black cat, which led her on the road to an abandoned, ruined theater. In the course of action you have to unravel the mysteries of this place, and to understand how it is connected with you personally. Charming atmosphere will be present throughout the gameplay, which will allow you to be her full part and prepare for an unforgettable adventure. Intriguing story can be fully disclosed to you only if you solve all the puzzles and unravel covered with a dark veil of secrets. Our main character falls into a maze of light and shadow, which prepared her quite a few trials and unexpected surprises. Everything about this theatre is interconnected with your life and it is the link you should find.. On this page you can download Iris the game.Fall torrent free on a PC.

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