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Heat Guardian

Arcade, Shooter 2017 Heat Guardian torrent game full

Year: 2017

Genre: Arcade, Shooter

Developer: Denis Rudoy

Size: 108 Mb

Download Heat Guardian

Free Heat Guardian game torrent. Bright and extremely interesting game Heat Guardian, is a mixture of a shooter, vyzhivastika, horror and stesla. Game process is performed with the top view. After the terrible events that mankind has been almost destroyed, only a few managed to survive. Hero was one of those killed unimaginable cold and hunger, he was able to adjust. All over the planet bred horrible mutants, and lest it is necessary not only to avoid them or to fight, but also to produce supplies, making regular forays. Rumors that somewhere there is a refuge where you can not simply exist, and live a full life, and came to our character, and now his goal - to search database. Create an atmosphere perfectly captures the critical conditions and freezing cold, which keeps the planet in captivity. Gamers will need all the time to look for a shelter to get warm. As a player will be about fifty types of weapons, and the single player campaign includes forty levels, which will be faced with unique characters.

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The shooter you control the military, and help them to win in the bloody battles. All the battles and the whole process can be seen from the top, which opens up strategic opportunities, and will allow to evaluate the current situation, to make quick and correct decisions. Due to the stealth elements, the game becomes a par with sandboxes and horrors. Enjoy a fascinating process, it is enough to download the Heat Guardian, using a convenient menu of our site. Being on the surface alone is dangerous, which is why you need to look for survivors and shelter. You can protect yourself to think, what to do next.

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