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Vigil: The Longest Night

Download full game Vigil: The Longest Night via torrent on PC
Download Vigil: The Longest Night
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Memory: 1 GB
Graphics: DirectX 10
Storage: 2 GB
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
Version: demo (Latest)
Category: Arcade
Publisher: Glass Heart Games
Year: Two thousand twenty
Genres: Action, Indie

Vigil: The Longest Night screenshots:

Vigil: The Longest Night game screen Vigil: The Longest Night game screen Vigil: The Longest Night game screen

Download Vigil: The Longest Night torrent pc for free. Vigil The Longest Night – a dynamic platformer that will allow you to plunge during the middle ages and try to go through a lot of tests to achieve this goal. The storyline will tell about the origin of the plague that was rapidly spreading across the expanses of Europe, affecting all living things on the way. Mankind must find a cure against this deadly disease, but it will be very difficult and time is short. You will undertake the role of a brave girl named Layla who decides to go on a dangerous journey to save their homeland and the residents of the village in which she grew up. She is sure that all over the world is under a terrible curse and you need to dispel it, to give hope for a brighter future. Study each location along and across, revealing the secrets and dark secrets, thereby collecting all the necessary information. You will face obstacles, intricate puzzles and enemies that will do anything to destroy you. In your hands tremendous power and lots of abilities that must be used correctly, to avoid death.. On this page you can download the game Vigil: The Longest Night torrent free on a PC.

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