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The Walking Dead Michonne

Adventures free The Walking Dead Michonne torrent

Year: 2016

Genre: Adventure

Developer: Telltale Games

Size: 3.30 Gb

Download The Walking Dead Michonne

The Walking Dead Michonne download torrent. Representatives of Telltale Games has never stated that the third season of The Walking Dead will not work. But many have been waiting and were very hopeful, because such a project, millions of fans are interested, can not end just like that. Just recently it was reported that the new plans to let the company. It is expected that the fall will give fans a new computer game in the form of miniseries, which will be called The Walking Dead Michonne, created in the history of Michon. Girl feels sadness and suffering, past and constantly reminds himself, pursuing her. These words describe the history of the developers. Game story will be built on the girl, who had left the group once Rica, but soon upon return. This is covered in the comics pages 126-139 releases, which were broadcast on the AMC channel.

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Studio developer participated in the E3 conference, and presented the announcement of his upcoming project by running it on Youtube. Game with adventure character to continue a huge series The Walking Dead, and the mini-series will consist of three episodes.

Recall that this story will relate the events described in the comics, namely, to 126 on 139 issues, and will be devoted to Michon. Hence, players will be able to know the true reasons for leaving the main character of the group, as well as find out what was the reason for her return. To start a new game project, users have to complete The Walking Dead: Season Two (enough for one episode).

Comics created by author Robert Kirkmanom, and he said, Michon - a reflection of the world, filled with the walking dead. Even looking at it, it becomes clear that the heroine is cruel, cold, but her inner world tends to escape from this terrible environment, to leave the darkness and the light to be in the world. With Michon authors were able to create a bridge linking the game and comic book.

Download The Walking Dead Michonne torrent will soon be available from our gaming resource, and produced the project will be focused on all the popular gaming devices, operating systems. In addition, according to developers, a surprise awaits those who own mobile devices that support Android OS and iOS. To start managing your character by the name of My Son, users have to go back and go through The Walking Dead, titled Season Two (previous section).

Features RePack:
1. It is based on the release of the CODEX;
2. Remove all languages ​​except English and Russian;
3. Nothing is converted;
4. Game archives are not unpacked;
5. Installation time ~ 2-3 minutes;
6. Tested on Windows 7 (x64) Ultimate;
7. RePack by R.G. Freedom

System requirements:
√ Operating system: Windows XP Service Pack 3
√ Processor: Core 2 Duo 2GHz or equivalent
√ Video: ATI or NVIDIA card w / 512 MB RAM
√ Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX 9.0
√ Hard drive space: 2 GB

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