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The Solus Project

The Solus Project game torrent download

Year: 2016

Genre: Adventure

Developer: Hourences, Grip Games

Size: 3.15 Gb

Download The Solus Project

Download game The Solus Project for free. Before the main character of the computer game The Solus Project hocks is a serious problem. He has shown courage and agreed to save humanity. But, once in space, he was in a difficult situation, and without the help of now he can not cope. The ship on which he was traveling crashed on the surface of an alien planet, where the whole environment is very severe. The conditions in which the hero was very difficult, and the problem of survival becomes more relevant than ever. To return home, he needs to establish a connection with the home planet, Earth. And it must be done very quickly, because if a character dies, then humanity has no chance of living. It will now have to stock up courage and patience, because it is surrounded by meteorites and lightning, raging storms, and more.

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This computer game developed by the Dutch-Belgian developer named Shurds de Jong. But his work, he was not alone, and had the support of studios in Sweden and the Czech Republic. All over the computer project, a total of ten people were working, and the result of their work is not only impressed the ordinary players, but also specialists in the exhibition E3 2015. For a long time the project was not disclosed absolutely no information, everything was shrouded in mystery, secrecy. The authors of the game decided to concentrate all their efforts not to talk or promises, but in the case. From what is now known, it can be assumed that the project will turn out impressive. The game is great graphics, specific atmosphere, and all this is achieved through the use of Unreal 4 engine.

The hero will need to move not only the surface of another planet, but also to the hocks or task - the study of caves and tombs. It becomes clear that once had a population on this planet. The whole world on a planet in The Solus Project game features a 5 islands, between which remained gloomy passages. Do not worry, no one will attack you from a reasonable and worth the wait danger only from the natural environment, as well as the environment. Everything will be against you, until the temperature on the surface of the mysterious planet. It varies from +45 to -30 ° C. Save your strength, because the heat and cold, hunger and fatigue wild will have its negative impact. Therefore, if you are not afraid of such difficulties, then we recommend to download torrent The Solus Project. In this project, there is a continuation of the idea of ​​the game The Ball, created by the studio Teotl. In addition, the creators of the project were inspired by the old games that were released a few decades ago.

System requirements:
OS: Windows 7 64 bit and newer
Processor: Dual Core 2GHZ +
Video card: DirectX11 Compatible Card - GeForce 460
DirectX: Version 11
Disk space: 10 GB

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