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Sherlock Holmes: Crimes

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes game torrent download

Year: 2014

Genre: Adventure, Action

Developer: Frogwares

Size: 3.99 Gb

Download Sherlock Holmes: Crimes

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes download torrent. All games Sherlock Holmes one thing in common (besides the main character) - they are built on the principle of "one game - one investigation." And despite the fact that cases are usually complicated, intricate and large-scale, it is after the credits is some disappointment - as this is the end? Part with a brilliant detective sad, and I want to go through the campaign again, but - the killer is already known, the evidence too, and re-read detective is not interesting. Playing with the speaker called Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments, download the torrent which is worth all the fans of Sir KonanDoylya, corrects this problem.

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Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments brings to the game of the brilliant detective just two long-awaited new features.
Firstly, it shows not one thing, but as many as eight. And many investigations, large-scale and can not be reduced to the simple capture of the killers.
Secondly, it has a replayability. The fact that the player is given complete freedom of action, and can be just as you want to investigate. Therefore, try yourself in the role of "bad cop", you can become a "good" - and it turns out that some important detail was overlooked.
The player directly controls Sherlock, not watching his actions.

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