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Adventures free Maize torrent

Year: 2016

Genre: Adventure

Developer: Finish Line Games

Size: 6.51 Gb

download Maize
download Maize
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Free Maize game torrent. Computer game «Maize» offers gamers to unravel the mysteries of the virtual world of the mysterious lab. The problem is that scientists fulfill orders the country's leadership in his own way. For example, in accordance with the order of the President to create a super-powerful weapon in the laboratory has been created ... corn, able to emote. And what about the plush toys - a bear with a very harmful nature? Developers are confident that the absurd adventure in the universe, will satisfy any avid gamer.

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To fully enjoy unusual adventures in the mysterious lab, it is necessary to start the download computer game «Maize» via torrent. By the way, players will appreciate the ability to carry out investigations in the first person and be directly involved in scientific research. However, even here, the game creators have managed to diversify the plot: gamer waiting for a large number of hazards in the course of research. So do not lose vigilance!

Installation instructions:
1. Mount image and install the game.
2. Copy the contents of CODEX folder in the game folder.
3. Play!

On this page you can download the game via torrent Maize for free on the PC.

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