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Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy 14 Adventure Quest, RPG download torrent

Year: 2013

Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG

Developer: Square Enix

Size: 9.16 Gb

Download Final Fantasy 14

Download Final Fantasy 14 torrent pc for free. Worlds of magic to become closer to you with a toy Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn download torrent which is very easy, a separate game by now familiar to all fans of Final Fantasy universe. This is a multiplayer game that is now available in many languages. Due to the fact that the previous version of this game critics took quite cool, the company management has decided to involve in the development of literally the best strength and capabilities. engine has been modified, redesigned interface and gameplay, so you can say with certainty that it is a quality individual game. It is a quite traditional MMOPRG. The player can create and fully customize your character.

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video game lovers are invited released in rent excellent game in the style of real-time. From the previous version, it has an excellent and improved interface, updated location using improved graphics, an adventure in the game has become much more realistic and exciting.
The events of the game take place in the virtual space of the galaxy, on a distant and unexplored by anyone planet called Iorziya. The main character in the game - and it is a fire-breathing, spewing lava powerful fire dragon escapes from lingering in prison. The prison, where long was this character dragon is on the planet moon. Now he is angry, is planning to attack the galaxy Iorziya and fully enslave the universe.
You need to build your army and fight the enemies, destroy and rob airships Enter your heroism in the story of a fictional virtual galaxy. As you progress through the game to collect items, fight monsters, earn points and get a lot of pleasure from the game. As a player you need to pump your good ammunition, modify it - and in a way, to new victories. Cool game in fantasy style.

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