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Drowning Download full game via torrent on PC
Download Drowning
Download Drowning
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Memory: 2 GB
Processor: 2.4 GHz 2-Core
Graphics: 512 MB
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Storage: 1 GB
Genres: Adventure, Indie
Year: Two thousand eighteen
Category: Adventure
Version: Last (Newest)
Publisher: Polygonal Wolf

Drowning screenshots:

Drowning game screen Drowning game screen Drowning game screen

Download Drowning torrent pc for free. Drowning of a small time, but at the same time very fascinating game, which will take you on an incredible adventure. You have to go in the big red world below as thoroughly as possible to explore achieve this goal. Here there is a plot line filled with branches and unexpected twists, and all your actions will have consequences, which is why you need to be as focused. History will tell you of a little boy who goes to high school and lives a completely normal life. But something in his life and this had sad consequences in which he fell into a terrible depression. Now you have to find a way out of his sad state, but it will not be easy and not fast. You, in the role of the protagonist, you'll live your life knowing that you and her home to the main enemy, to cope with that is not already enough forces. Depression will be for you someone who constantly takes from you the joy of life, who makes you achieve your goals, and constantly knocks you out of the way.. On this page you can download Drowning torrent the game free on a PC.

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