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Ashworld Download full game via torrent on PC
Download Ashworld
Processor: 2.0 ghz 2-Core
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Graphics: Any
Storage: 200 MB
Memory: 2 GB
Publisher: Orangepixel
Category: Adventure
Year: Two thousand seventeen
Genres: Action, Adventure
Version: 1.5.8 Last (Newest)

Ashworld screenshots:

Ashworld game screen Ashworld game screen Ashworld game screen

Ashworld torrent Download pc for free. Ashworld – game project in the genre of action, where you have to go in dangerous, but very exciting adventure in a world that has experienced a terrible Apocalypse. Everywhere mutants that crave blood and replenishing its ranks, what you need to avoid making this all possible. It took a few centuries after our planet was able to survive the brutal nuclear war between the ruling States as a result of which people gradually began to mutate and turn into the walking dead. The disease has spread with huge cute, so most of humanity was infected. Civilization is completely destroyed, but there is hope for recovery, as there are still quite a few people that the virus is not yet won. You will play the role of a man who the virus is still not able to catch. You have to survive in this cruel world, gradually orphaned from the face of the planet insidious zombies.. On this page you can download the game Ashworld torrent free on a PC.

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